Products of JITEN can be applied in various ways, such as...

For example, an image of "Shin Kotoba" (new KANJI word) on tablet PC like iPad can be seen below, and you can take advantage of it for your business.

- As a CI -

You can take advantage of "Shin Kotoba" to build a corporate identity with a Japanese taste.
- With Your Products -

Original Kanji words and designs can be used for your products in various ways.

- In Advertisements -

You can take advantage of "Shin Kotoba" in your advertisements, or other marketing devices.

You can apply our products to your business as you will, and our office is ready to offer you consulting services of design and copywriting for applications like them!


We pick up our products and introduce them here.
These are examples that we made to our clients' order.
Please click images and you can see the whole products of us.

New Word for ACCURATE Inc.-水統
Suito (水統) is a coined word newly designed for ACCURATE Inc. It means 'to begin a good tradition about water to be inherited'.
We made up the new word Suito form two kanji, “水 (sui)” and “統 (to)”.
The original meaning of character “統 (to)” is ‘a long stream of a thread’, and from which the meaning of ‘to seize one end of threads in hands’ , and in turn the meaning of ’the beginning of a stream of things ’ are derived. For example, the word “伝統 (dento)” means ‘to transmit the beginning (of culture, customs, etc.) from generation to generation’, that is, ‘the tradition’.
ACCURATE wish to spread our technology about water in contemporary world, and begin a stream of transmission of it from generation to generation. So we chose kanji “水 (sui)” and ”統 (to)”.
New Word for Yamato Real Estate Co. Ltd -地品
Chihin (地品) is a coined word newly designed for Yamato Real Estate Development Co. Ltd.
It means qualities of lands, or dignities of lands.
Kihin (気品) is the Japanese word, that means ‘dignity a person releases from within’.
We think lands also have their own dignities and they can be felt.
Values of real estates and buildings depend on so various and subtle factors, that should be bundled and called as ‘qualities’ of lands, or in other words, ‘dignities’ of lands.
It is only professionals having full knowledge of lands that can understand and estimate such a Chihin (地品) - qualities or dignities of lands.
Yamato Real Estate Development Co. Ltd knows Chihin (地品) of Osaka because of its rich experiences in this city.