ODA MITSUO (小田 光男) - Copywrighter
YAMAURA HIDEKI (山浦 一輝記) - Designer
SUMIDA MASANORI (住田 正則) - Sales & Legal Issues
ODA MITSUO - Founding memeber of YouAT LLC, copywriter of JITEN
Hello, everyone.
I'd like to give you a brief introduction for our JITEN, design & copywriting office.
It began by a mere inspiration that occured to Sumida Masanori, JITEN’s sales & legal issue staff. He met Yamaura Hideki, JITEN's designer, and talked about every trash in an izakaya tavern. But in such a nonsense Sumida suggested Yamaura a new business idea To make a new corporate design based on kanji. Sumida told me his idea and I agreed with him to meet Yamaura. At another izakaya tavern at Kyoto where I live we three tried to incubate a new business. I added one thing to their idea. To coin new Japanese words with enough Japanese cultural background, make their designs, and take proposals for advertisement to clients. Fortunately I can write English, so we decided to make our products both in Japanese and English. It was the genesis of JITEN.

Our business had just begun in summer of 2011. We’d like to try to serve every spectrum of clients. Both Japanese and foreign businesspersons are welcome. We will do our best to make copies and designs that fit our clients’ goals, concepts and ideals. If you get interested in our products, then please contact us. We are pleased to hear you…!

Thank you so much.
Date of Birth 1968.07.01
Birthplace Osaka, Japan
I began to be a JITEN staff in Summer of 2011
Favorite Read good books / write essays / spring and autumn of Kyoto / J.S.Bach's piano tunes / Travel to Asian counties
Recent Favorite Words 「侘(わび)とは、物不足して、一切我意に任せず、蹉跎(さだ)する意なり」
The meaning of '侘(wabi)' is : to suffer from getting short of everything and being unable to do at will because of shortage.

- by Sen no Sotan (千宗旦, 1578 -1658), a Japanese master of Sado (茶道, 'Way of Tea')
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Date of Birth 1984.03.13
Birthplace Nagano, Japan (Raised in Tokyo)
I began to be a JITEN staff in Summer of 2011
Favorite Play futsal / Gather information of association football clubs worldwide and make estimations of how they will play in their leagues this season / draw illustrations as a hobby
Recent Favorite Words 「知ってると思いますが、私たちは自分たちの食べる食べ物のほとんどを作ってはいません。私たちは他人の作った服を着て、他人のつくった言葉をしゃべり、他人が創造した数学を使っています。何が言いたいかというと、私たちは常に何かを受け取っているということです。そしてその人間の経験と知識の泉に何かをお返しができるようなものを作るのは、すばらしい気分です。」

- by Steve Jobs (1955 - 2011), an American entrepreneur
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SUMIDA MASANORI - Founding memeber of YouAT LLC, dealing with sales & legal issues of JITEN
Date of Birth 1968.08.18
Birthplace Ehime, Japan
I began to be a JITEN staff in Summer of 2011
Favorite 50cc motorcycle touring / Watch movies / Listen to synthpop music / Sometimes booze with buddies
Recent Favorite Words 「我々は、たがいに理解することはできる。しかし、めいめいは自分自身しか解き明かすことができない。」
"Wir können einander verstehen; aber deuten kann jeder nur sich selbst."

- from the preface of "Demian", a German novel by Hermann Hesse (1877 - 1962)
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